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Shop Lulu’s for Under $100

Chelsea Rae Simmons | My Style,Necklaces,Sales,Shirts,Shoes | Wednesday, 12 September 2007

There are so many places online to buy great clothes, but there are very few places on the web to buy great clothes AND not spend a ton of money. If you’re looking to get well made clothes for less, head no further than Lulu’s Fashion Lounge.We talked about Lulu’s before, but we honestly just can’t get enough. This time we challenged ourselves to find a rad outfit for school or for just hanging around costing less than $100, and guess what?

Mission accomplished!

A lot of times when people think of finding an outfit they think just clothes, but we not only were able to find clothes, we found shoes and accessories too. We really like the Solemio tunic, the art on the shirt is stellar, but our favorite find was the platform high heels for only $16.00. When does that ever happen?
The rad folks a Lulu’s are also giving PRC readers a 15% discount until October 15th. All you have to do is punch in pink rock candy at checkout and voila! Peep the entire outfit below, and tell us what you would buy with those extra eight bucks!

From left to right:
Solemio – Modern Art Tunic Top in Plum, $24.00

iT Jeans – ‘Starlet’ Black Skinny, $42.00

Go Max Lauren 09 – Black Hidden Platform High Heel, $16.00

Gold Cleo Necklace, $10.00

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    LuLu’s Fashion Lounge is great! I’ve bought stuff from them before.

  • http://pinkrockcandy.net/index Chelsea Rae

    Their clothes are always so cute!

  • http://www.babyphat.com Veronica

    Wow i love those skinny jeans!

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