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Anna Sui Bags the Target Billboard

Chelsea Rae Simmons | Accessories,Fashion,Go Green,Handbags,News | Friday, 04 September 2009
Pink Rock Candy, Target upcycled, billboard totes designed by Anna Sui

In an attempt to save money and avoid the blistering hot subway tunnels, I like to walk from Grand Central Terminal to my internship every now and then, taking me directly through the heart of Times Sq. and a giant billboard directly above the big subway entrance on 42nd St. between Broadway and 7th Ave. Starting today through October 31st, 2009, this billboard will be covered in art from emerging artists like Michael Anderson and Josh Goldstein commissioned by none other than my favorite lifestyle store, Target.

When the billboard comes down, the flex vinyl will be turned in to edgy totes designed by Target’s latest GO International designer, Anna Sui.

The 1,600 limited edition, upcycled billboard bags officially go on sale today until supplies last for $29.99, and will be shipped to the cool cats who snapped them up in early-January.

I personally see no downside to getting one of these bags— except maybe the thousands of other bloodthirsty Target lovers— the totes are green because they’re upcycled, they’re a piece of art, they’re designed by Anna Sui, and they’re the right price (i.e. less than $50).

Target has hit the mark once again— pun totally intended!

For more information, visit www.target.com/billboardbag

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