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Waiting to be Kissed

Chelsea Rae Simmons | Dresses,Fashion | Wednesday, 25 November 2009
Pink Rock Candy, Rita Saardi collection, Waiting to be kissed

Generally, I’m not one for large fabric flowers unless they’re in my hair, but even with the oversized flowers covering many of the garments, Rita Saardi‘s new collection entitled “Waiting to be Kissed” completely knocked me off my feet.

The collection, made complete by handmade organza water lilies, girlie colors and diaphanous organza and silks molded perfectly to accentuate a womanly figure, is perfectly representative of that feeling when lust first hits.

I remember my first kiss, I was so anxious knowing it was going to happen but unsure exactly when. I though the guy was so cute, and the knowledge that he liked me and wanted to kiss me made me feel as if I was floating on Cloud Nine. Sure, after the kiss, Cloud Nine disappeared from under me and I plummeted back to earth where the cold, hard reality hit that the guy A) was a bad kisser B) was not as cute as I thought and C) probably needed a breath mint.

Thankfully, with clothing, you never have to fall from that cloud. The high of wearing a beautiful garment never goes away, and you’ll never have to worry about it being a bad kisser or needing a breath mint.

I think, in my case, this high may be problematic to my wallet, but who can resist the thought of feeling perfectly pretty all day long? If I could, I’d wake-up put on the sheer voile de soie tunic dress Outfit 1 with a bright camisole underneath because the entire back is sheer, a comfortable pair of leggings and my black Loubs. I’d spend the day getting complimented and hit on, then go home and change into the nude organza trench dress in Outfit 2. I’d head to some fabulous party and meet Prince Charming (Enough), come home and put on the very boudoir sheer dress with an amazing thread detail in Outfit 3. The under garments are actually secondhand and Rita Saardi added Black silk tulle and lace to transform them into the wonders they are now. Wearing this, I’d surely have the sweetest of sweet dreams, probably, about what beauties I’d wear the next day.

Keep up to date on all of Saardi’s new creations and inspiratin via her blog.

  • http://brokeandbeautiful.com Elle

    Ohhhhh great. Now it’s going to be all “My black loubs this…”, “Oh, I have the PERFECT LOUUUUUBS to wear with these…”, “I bet Elle from Broke & Beautiful is HELLA jealous of my LOUUUUUUUUUBS.”

    Okay, maybe just the last one.

    Anyway, this collection is STUNNING. Thank you so much for posting about it. I am completely infatuated with the middle image. Just gorgeous.


  • http://pinkrockcandy.net/index Chelsea Rae Simmons

    All I can do is say “I HEART YOUUUUU!”

  • http://marznoventa@gmail.com Marz

    This post was really funny! You’re a fantastic writer! Also, the clothes are really cute!

  • http://pinkrockcandy.net/index Chelsea Rae Simmons

    Thanks, Marz! Every now and then fashion really inspires me to be a better writer.

  • http://www.fashion-thelike.blogspot.com Alyssa

    Wow, outfit one truly blows my mind. I don’t usually dress so pretty but for some reason I don’t think I would feel odd, just plain pretty. :)

  • Flower Girl :)
  • Veronica

    I Love these! absolutely fu–ing breathtaking, want to have everything now!!!!!!!

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