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Dot Your “i”s and Cross Your Tees

Chelsea Rae Simmons | Fashion,Help Out,Shirts | Monday, 30 August 2010
 Pink Rock Candy, pinkrockcandy.net, prc pick, Out of Print Clothing, Catch-22 cover t-shirt I have two great loves in my life: clothes and words. Oddly, these two loves have intermingled in my life more often than not. The most recent commingling is a small t-shirt company called Out of Print Clothing.

These shirts touch on my love of literature by featuring the covers of notable and often out of print novels. The Catch-22 tee would be my ultimate ironic statement, while most hipsters (and Mark David Chapman) would go for the Catcher in the Rye shirt.

As interesting as the concept is, Out of Print Clothing also likes to help out society by taking initiatives to bridge the international reading gap. For every shirt sold, a book is donated to underprivileged children through their partnership with Books For Africa— an organization dedicated to ending “the book famine in Africa.”

With a tee from Out of Print Clothing, you can’t lose. Not only will you look smart by sporting the cover a famous literature on your top, but you can also feel good about helping others experience the pure bliss begotten from reading a good book.

Shop the shirts at Out of Print Clothing, outofprintclothing.com. For more information on Books for Africa visit booksforafrica.org.

Linnic: A Bit of Glamour in Every Top

Chelsea Rae Simmons | Fashion,Shirts,Tops | Monday, 19 October 2009

There are certain items in which every girl is constantly in search, the perfect Little Black Dress, jeans that make your butt look like Giselle Bündchen’s, comfortable yet sexy black stilettos, and a t-shirt that can go easily from day to night without looking as if you just rushed from class. I’ve yet to find the first three items, but I think House of Linnic may in fact produce the perfect day-to-night tee.

Pink Rock Candy, House of Linnic, comfortable glamorous tops

The comfortable yet chic creations concocted by Linnic designer, Lindsay Nichol King, not only go perfectly with a pair of casual jeans or shorts for an easy day with friends or at school, but the same tops effortlessly transform into dazzling conversation pieces paired with a simple black pencil skirt for cocktails with your beau or better yet, topping a pair of oh-so-trendy sequin leggings when you’re ready to club-hop your little heart out.

Though some may simply attribute King’s eye for elegance and sheer talent to years of schooling and hard work— she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design & Marketing and paid her dues as a celebrity stylist— I, however, think such panache can’t simply be taught, and as King will readily admit, “she was born into a family of talented artists, designers, and trendsetting fashionistas.”

I think wearing head-to-toe glitz only works for the Beyoncés of the world, that is why a bit of glamour on something as casual as a t-shirt or tank top works so well. I could undoubtedly create a remarkable outfit using any Linnic top, however, my favorite pieces include the ‘Feliciana’ sweater (above), the ‘Alexandria’ tank and the ‘Carolina’ cardigan (both below).


Why the Snarl?

Chelsea Rae Simmons | Fashion,Shirts,Think About It,Tops | Friday, 24 July 2009
Pink Rock Candy, Christopher Kane Gorilla tee I don’t get the Christopher Kane Gorilla T-shirt dresses.

I’ve given them a chance, months of a chance actually, but their appeal is still lost on me. I understand that having a mean looking gorilla splayed across your body is rebellious and a bit hardcore, but seriously, WHY?

The gorilla looks like some kid has been banging on the glass at the zoo or some wildlife filmmaker just look a silver back in the eye. Angry animals are never beseeching to me. I prefer the docile, or at least, even-tempered.

Not only is the gorilla more awkward that appealing, the whole concept seems like something Animal Planet would sell to promote their show Untamed and Uncut— not that I’m knocking Animal Planet, it’s one of my favorite channels.

I’m sure this tee is a simple misunderstanding between me and Christopher Kane’s creative mind, because I generally like his designs. So, I leave it to you dear readers, please EXPLAIN!

Azrouël on eBay

Chelsea Rae Simmons | Fashion,Shirts,Tops | Thursday, 11 June 2009
Pink Rock Candy, Yigal Azrouel on Ebay

My designer crush, Yigal Azrouël, is eBay’s latest collaboration. It’s Azrouël’s designers with a slightly smaller price tag on the auctioneers website. Some of the proceeds benefit, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

If the prices are still too painful for your college-student wallet, this tee is perfect. Not only can you say you officially own something designed by Yigal Azrouël, but it’s a simple gray v-neck tee, and it’s only $35.

Thanks for the heads-up TeenVOGUE!

The Topshop Paradox

Chelsea Rae Simmons | Fashion,Shirts,Tops | Tuesday, 12 May 2009
Pink Rock Candy, Topshop, Sweetheart Leaf Print Tunic I used to never peruse the Topshop website, but it seems having a store location conveniently near me, actually does make me want to shop there more often— the student discount helps too.Of late, I’ve had a thing for over-sized tanks and sleeveless tunics so, this ‘Sweetheart Leaf Print Tunic’ is right up my alley. The only sticking point, as with most over-priced Topshop items, is my willingness to spend $70 on a single top.

Decisions. Decisions.

How much is that student discount, again?