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Evey now and then the Afro makes a tiny comeback. When Hollis first came on the scene, she was rocking a cute twisty ‘fro. Now, she has replaced the curls with long, straight weave— that is kind of bad, but that’s just my opinion. The void that Hollis left of a black model with some sort of curly “natural” hairstyle is being filled by the super cute Rose Cordero, and for now, most designers are accepting Rose’s small ‘fro, but how long will this continue?

If you’ve seen pictures of me, you obviously will see I’m not one for the natural look. My hair is relaxed and I straighten it once a week— it stays straight for the rest of the week—but I do appreciate the look of a well kept Afro on a girl.

I hope Rose keeps the Afro as her signature look, but I think she might end up like Hollis, with a weave or extensions, because it’s more marketable.