About Us

What happens when boredom, knitting, and winter vacation are mixed? A fashion blog is born, that’s what!

Pink Rock Candy started off as a way to beat the winter doldrum. After having finished knitting my first functional scarf, I decided I wanted to start a blog. My sister, Blythe, had an unused blogspot blog that was called named Pink Rock Candy, and she lovingly donated it her dearest sister so the world could read my take on trends, designers, gossip, and Crocs— GROSS! After an anxiety ridden night, I finally wrote my first post. I didn’t know it then, but blogging would not only open many doors and make me quite a few new friends, but it would frequently become my raison d’être.

Now Pink Rock Candy is no long a baby fashion blog on blogger, but encompasses music, television, books, and whatever else I want to muse about from day to day.

Pink Rock Candy started off as a small fashion blog run by two sisters, Chelsea Rae and Blythe Ashleigh, but we had bigger and better plans. Now we are here to be your one-stop-shop for all your fashion, beauty, entertainment, and lifestyle needs.Chelsea is the youngest of the two. She’s the type that knows the craziest things and loves to share them. She’ll spill Hedi Slimane’s secret to his super skinny look (baby food) and then in the same breathe tell you about the cute bassists in some new band. She’s smitten with crazy-fun fashion and ultra-high shoes, especially the gorgeous ones from Christian Louboutin. She’s definitely a giant lover of both fashion and music separately, but when combined she falls hard.

Blythe is the oldest (obviously). She’s the word whiz of the family, and is the one to come to when you need someone to look over an essay you wrote for English. She’s also obsessed with beauty products. If you need to know what conditioner helps hold curls the best or what cleanser gets rid of acne the fastest she the one to talk to.