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After completely lusting over the Marc by Marc S/S ’10 collection, I realized I liked the big floppy bows not because of their innate originality, because let’s face it, bows like that have been around for a while, but because they reminded me of the bows I had seen Raquel Reed and Audrey Kitching wearing a while ago made my Clash City & Co.

The idea is pretty much the same— big bow+headband— but, the Clash City headbands are a bit more discreet because there isn’t the extra fabric wrapped around them. As much as I like the look of a mess of layered fabric on a headband, the Clash City headbands are the right price— which happens to be under $15— and they make custom headbands.

Oh, and Clash City & Co., you could totally make an extra buck by adding the extra fabric around the headband itself. Come spring, girls will be clamoring for anything and everything that is reminiscent of the Marc by Marc collection.