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If you are a pregnant woman and consider your maternity fashion, then you must look for both style and comfort as well. Since, being feeling sensual and fashionable during pregnancy, you do not have to give up wearing heels. In fact, there are plenty of things you must know before using any product. At present, there are numerous collections of heels and shoes available for pregnancy women, so you can easily choose the best shoes for pregnancy with much comfort and trend as well. Below are some useful tips on how to wear heels safety during pregnancy that includes

The shorter the superior

The higher and thinner heel is surely much more painful for your legs and back as well. The kitten or wedges heels will provide you more suppleness and reasonable, while still tribute your body. Lets prefer to go for a peep toe wedge for casual wear or kitten heel pumps for a dressier appearance, it all based on your outfit.

Trench your 12cm heels

During pregnancy, your body tends to be heavier and fuller as well. That is why; the heels are higher than five centimeters. As an individual with passion for high heels, you should know how it feels to trench your favorite shoes.

Can You Wear Heels in Early Pregnancy

Keep it smallest

During the last three months of pregnancy, the use of heels must be kept down to smallest. When your baby bump is at its biggest shape, the comfort and safety come at first. You must leave them for very special outings or occasions. In this way, you will have pleasant feet.

When it pain, take them off

You must be extra careful while pregnant. If your calf muscles are hurting you or your back is in pain, you want to take them off severely. If you are stuck and have no other choices, the foot massage and calf stretches are a must one for you.

Take ultimate care of your feet

One horrific thing on pregnancy is swollen feet. That is why; your favorite pair of shoes for pregnancy may perfectly fit. You do not attempt tough. Any swelling would leave your feet and body in more pain. If you cannot walk, you can simply take them off. Losing or falling balance may threat the life of your baby.

Can You Wear Heels in Early Pregnancy

Is it safe to wear heels during pregnancy?

Wearing high heels during pregnancy is viewed as a major hazard to the safety of your baby. Commonly, using high heels in early stages of pregnancy are commonly ok to wear, but the experts recommend that to switch wedge shoe or heel for additional comfort and balance as well. First of all, the high heels can cause more back pain; because of additional weight gained during pregnancy. When you put your heels on, your posture changes slowly, placing more stress on your back, your knee as well as your ankle joints. During these pregnancy time, the centre of gravity also modify and the high heels can cause a possible threat of falling and injuring both yourself as well as your baby, when you are fewer stable on your feet.

Women can walk differently to accommodate the developing baby and ligaments lean to be looser that directs to muscle strain and joint unsteadiness. During their third trimester, women can also experience swollen feet and this condition is called as oedema, so preventive high heels can be ultimately painful and uncomfortable as well. Commonly, it is encouraged during the second and third trimester to opt for safety and comfort in excess of trend. In this period, it is better to choose the shoes for pregnancy that controls the pain and discomfort all over the body, especially the feet.

What are the best shoes for pregnancy?

In fact, pregnancy is an excellent journey for women in several ways. During this period, there is an issue in the feet that might cause a domino effect all over the body. One of the simplest solutions is to just spend in minimum one pair of supportive shoes. Make sure this footwear is one such top brand that delivers ultimate support and comfort to wear during pregnancy. Now, there are several styles of shoes available to select from. These shoes feature to offer toe grips, a deep heel cup and a strong arch support. They are usually made from natural products such as latex and cork as well as specially made to hold and support the foot.

The best thing about pregnancy shoes is having an adjustable strap that enables you to obtain a perfect fit throughout your pregnancy period. Most of these styles are slip-ons and save you from bending down to perform them up that can be a challenging thing, when your pregnancy developments. However, choosing the shoes for pregnancy are perfect to wear pre-delivery, while in hospital and post delivery too. At the same time, you must forget to wear the spongy slippers; rather you just pack a pair of stylish shoes that suit your foot. These shoes will ensure you that you do not even slip on while carrying your dazzling new baby.Can You Wear Heels in Early Pregnancy?

Lists of best maternity shoes that mom loves top

Probably, you expect your feet to swell during pregnancy, so you always want to have the best footwear to offer ultimate support and flexibility. To ensure your stay comfortable and avoid injury, you want to choose the shoes for pregnancy that are comfy, cute and also give your good support during this awesome time. Below are top picks of best pregnancy shoes that include:

  • Vionic Aglie- Best slip-ons
  • Tom’s classic flats- Best for swollen feet
  • Propet Travel fit- Best arch support
  • Orthofeet sneakers- Best for back pain


Therefore, these top picks of maternity shoes are incredibly comfy to wear for the long days and also offer you ultimate support to avoid injury or joint pain. Definitely, your footwear makes lots of changes during your pregnancy time, so buy a best one which makes you feel comfortable.