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The question of whether the perfume can last longer on hair can simply be yes, but timing is everything. It is important to know the appropriate time to wear perfume, timing includes things like, after washing, before washing, and may other factors that need to be considered before wearing your best hair perfume.

Moisturize hair

If you would like your hair perfume to last longer on hair, it is good to have moisturizer with you so that you can apply before spraying the perfume. Moisturizing your scalp will help the perfume lock in better, meaning that the fragrance will take a while before it clears off.  Infact you can keep the fragrance on the whole day of you use some cotton wool to gently reapply the perfume conveniently wherever you are. There are some perfumes which have matching hair products, this will help not to mix up scents and will also have good results since it is always advisable to use one line of hair products at a time, unless there is no option.

Does Perfume Last Longer on Hair?

When selecting the best hair perfume, make sure you check and ask the seller if it has its own moisturizer before you pick it. Many hair products normally prefer that they have one line of products from conditioner, to moisturizer, to hair mist and hair perfume amongst others.  Working on your hair should happen after you have dressed so that you do not stain your clothes with either the moisturizer or the perfume. Stains on clothes from these two hair products will definitely show when dry.

Apply on scalp

For longer lasting perfume fragrance on hair, one needs to know how to apply it directly on scalp. This will help on maintaining the sweet smell for a while, because it will mix with the natural oils of the body. In order to apply the perfume on scalp, one needs to do it in potions just to make sure that the whole head is well covered. The best way is to start by partitioning from behind, and holding all hairs separately before application is carried out.

This will ensure that one does not stop in between to partition another part, hence will just continue with application once it begins. It is also vital that the perfume is kept in its original bottle so that it can keep its original fragrance and chemical formation, and once that takes place the properties of the perfume will no longer be the same. Changing perfume from one bottle to another fancy bottle only allows air to enter the perfume which messes up its chemical composition. Changing bottles should therefore be avoided at all costs if one is to benefit from applying the hair perfume on scalp that will effectively keep the fragrance for a longer period of time.

Apply hair perfume on the brush

Applying some hair perfume onto the brush and using it to comb through the hair is another way of having perfume last longer on hair. This is a very simple method which is preferred by many and therefore frequently used. This can also be used as a touch up method where one can carry the brush and perfume wherever they go and just use it whenever they feel like the fragrance has ran out. It is also important to make sure that your choice of perfume is the one that is more concentrated.

Normally the more concentrated perfumes tend to cost more than the ones which are less concentrated. Some of the less concentrated ones are like the eau de toilette which normally cost less. It is important to note that longer and direct usage of the hair perfume may cause the hair to dry or start to irritate because of the chemical components used in the perfume. If irritation starts it is necessary to discontinue the direct brushing and also spaying of the hair for a while, and give the scalp time to recover, and also protect scalp from getting damaged and making it more sensitive to different hair products.

Proper storage of hair perfume

Most hair products normally come with instructions written on them on where and how to store them, but not very many people adhere to these instructions. Infact very few people even bother to look at what is written concerning the perfume, they buy and they start using without being bothered on what are the proper storage way. Hair perfume should be stored in a cool and dark place, but many people continue to store them in the bathroom to allow them easy and quick access, since this is where they prepare before stepping out and therefore they prefer to store the hair perfume in the available bathroom storage, which is also used for other bathroom necessities.

The bathroom temperature keeps changing and is mostly humid, and causes the temperature of the perfume to fluctuate and thus damaging the chemical compounds that are usually found in the perfume to break down, and making it less effective when being used. The bathroom weather condition causes the perfume to expire meaning that it will not have the strong scent it should have after sometime. The reduced strength in the fragrance will automatically mean that the fragrance will not last when applied. It is therefore important to store the hair perfume in a cool dark place like the cloth drawers and away from direct sunlight, and keep it in its original box.

Timing must be perfect

To make the best hair perfume last longer on hair, timing must be perfect. Depending on the process of application, create enough time to work on your hair before stepping out. The hair perfume will definitely last longer and will give good results at all times when it is used and stored well. If you can afford the most expensive hair perfume in the market, then go for it because this will mean that it is more concentrated and therefore. You will have longer lasting fragrance with very little effort, because with these concentrated perfumes you just need to spray and you are good to go.