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I find great pleasure in working. I know that sounds quite odd, but the fact of the matter is, I like to shop and with out money I can’t shop and without work I have no money, hence the reason I like work. Did that make sense? I have two quasi jobs, one is an office job and the other is being a hostess/whatever else needs to be done at a bistro by my house. For the most part, working in an office and a restaurant doesn’t leave much room for outfit creativity, but for both jobs I do try to bring my own personal touches into the standard semi-professional look.

The general rules I, and I assume most people, was taught about dressing professionally are:

1) Black is always a good choice.

2) Don’t wear crazy color nail polish (i.e. Black, Bright Orange, Electric Blue, anything fun).

3) Pantyhose…

4) Cover your shoulders “The office is always freezing anyway…”

There are more rules, but for the most part I don’t follow these four so why would I follow the others? Actually, I do follow the first, because black pretty much works with every situation. Sometimes I feel bad about wearing navy nail polish to my office job, but it happens anyway. I hate pantyhose, especially when they’re flesh tone, and I only make sure I’m wearing sleeves at my office job, though it isn’t always cold in the office.

The outfit at left is a classic example of something I’d wear to both jobs, with minor adjustments (fyi…sometimes I like to sing MGMT’s “Time to Pretend” before work and act like I could be as frivolous as the song says). Sure the skirt is black (actually black and brown), but the pattern is really fun and fits into my tribal-themed summer. Wearing it with a burnout tank top makes it a little more relaxed, and throwing on a sparkly headband and the bright yellow necklace my little brother made, keeps me feeling and looking young and fun.

Now for the adjustments. For my office job, I would wear a grandpa cardigan over it. It doesn’t really matter what color, since the skirt is black and the top is white, so anything would match. And, for my hostessing job, I’d have to change my cute gladiator heels to flats for practicallity’s sake. Standing in 5″ heels for 6-7 hours straight is a bitch!

Which office dress rules do you follow when you head to work and which ones do you like to kick to the curb?

p.s. I’ve been invited to join a few new sites including: Indies United (from Fashion Indie),, and Modpass so if you’re on any of them add me. I promise I’m going to figure out someything cool to do with them other than just having them sit and gather webdust!