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I admit it, I’m jaded. The thrill of attending a fashion show is now lost on me.

First, you’re wrangled into a herd that buzzes like a swarm of coked-up hornets. Once you’re finally allowed to go into the venue, you have to push and shove your way through the crowd to find your seat or get a spot where you can barely see in standing.

At this point, your forced to wait for what feels like eternity— obsessively checking your phone so you feel busy— while photographers flock around some celebrity who may or may not be famous enough to make you stare and the Do-you-know-who-I-think-I-am people try desperately to get the attention of anyone moderately notable.

Once the show finally starts, you realize you’ve spent and hour waiting for a no-more-than 15 minute show and unless you’re sitting front row (maybe even the second row), your view of the actual looks are hindered.

Don’t get me wrong, I have an undying love for fashion and will always attend shows. But coming from the perspective of fast-talking (and walking) PR girl, nothing compares to the rush of being one of the proverbial cattle herders and seeing something you’ve worked so hard on come together.

Maybe it’s a power thing and maybe I’m just wired to appreciate those I’m connected to more than others, but one the one thing I know is true is that I miss the PR rush!

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  • Joy D.

    I am happy you have this perspective. I cannot wait for you to be the one to deal with the preliminary hassle of people asking for rsvps and etc. See you soon! So happy for you!


  • Chelsea Rae

    Ahhh! That hassle makes me so anxious in a good and bad way. I do best when I’m stressed.

  • Chicago Diamonds

    Yes I agree with you. No one have time to wait for such a long period of time and situation goes out of control when you find that show is not worth to wait. You go ahead ,, we are with you.

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