How Did This Happen?
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How Did This Happen?

How Did This Happen?

How does a 12-year-old girl become selected as the face of Australia’s Gold Coast Fashion Week? That is the question on many people’s mind after hearing about Maddison Gabriel (now 13) becoming the Aussie pre-pubescent fashion idol. Of course she’s beautiful, but isn’t 12 a bit young? I almost feel as if I’ve just been slapped twice with one headline.

The first slap, why is a 12-year-old modeling, women’s clothes. When I was 12 I’m pretty sure I could barely fill out a training bra much less a dress meant for a mature woman with curves. Perhaps that’s a completely different problem though. Why aren’t clothes being designed for shapely women, even if they are skinny; it is possible to be skinny with curves you know, look at Heidi Klum. But I digress, by putting a 12 year-old girl in a women’s wear fashion show gives the impression that women should have the body of an underdeveloped pre-teen. I for one am not ready to risk all the greatness I have acquire over my 18, almost 19, years, to revert back to my dreaded middle school days.

The second slap pretty much hits everyone over the age of 13. More and more I have been noticing the age of models and “Young Hollywood” has been rapidly decreasing. Sure, as I grow older there’s always going to be someone younger there to fill my spot, but does that younger have to be 12. Models have become what women aspire to be and men want to be with, but when these models are younger than 18 things start to become a bit murky. Am I going to have to start watching my back around the girls in my little brother’s class, because what I’m hearing is 12-year-old girls are H-O-T!

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-Chelsea Rae