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My first infatuation with an entire collection has finally occurred this season. Generally, I love a skirt here or a dress there from most collections, but in my opinion, the Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2010 collection was perfection from Look 1.

I might be completely crazy because the collection was a bit reminiscent of collections past, but I felt like I could identify with everything sent down the runway. That’s what this giant industry of fashion is all about, right, creating something that is not only beautiful but also marketable to consumers so the cycle has a chance of continuing for another season.

Though, like most people, my self-perception may be a little skewed, I saw my own style in the Marc by Marc collection— or maybe it was simply the style I wish I had. Everything about the laid-back tees with belted skirts, mismatch prints, bold colors, and large hair bows feel right for this time of my life.

Sure, I may replace some of the bows with feathers or leaves à la DVF’s S/S ‘10 collection, and I might even trade more of the plaid shirts for t-shirts, but even without doing anything to the collection, I would wear head-to-toe Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S ‘10 forever if I could.