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Ever since I moved to the East Coast, I’ve been asked a baffling question everywhere I go, “Are you part Hispanic/American Indian/West Indian?” Back in the Midwest, the general consensus is if you look black, then you probably are and asking otherwise is a waste of time. My answer to this question is usually a confused look and a sweet “nope” followed by a girlie chuckle, if that’s possible. I’m starting to understand why people ask my heritage, because not do I usually wear my hair very straight, but I like to put fun headbands in my hair making me look more Native American, than I actually am.

Today, I decided to feed into my fake heritage (do you think I could start claiming American Indian? Ha!) and I fashioned a feathered hat pin into a clip I could latch onto my headband. I had actually broken the feathers a while ago, but I finally found my handy-dandy glue gun and fixed it so the feathers weren’t all limp and sad-looking.

After changing about a million times because its cold in my house and really hot and humid outside, I decided on this cute strapless number I got from Target last year or the year before. When I bought it, I wore it once and decided I didn’t like it, but now I’ve changed my mind once again and have decided its cute. What do you think, cute or not?

I’ve sort of been MIA lately because I think summer is making me crazy. My work schedule gets hectic, and when I’m not working, I just want to chill out by blasting music and dancing like I’m crazy— I promise its so much fun! Lately, I’ve been blaring a lot of old albums by the Fueled By Ramen artists, I have a bit of a fangirl affection toward them. Vain & Vapid tagged me a while ago and the task I have to do is figure out my favorite 7 spring/summer songs, and I promise I’m going to do it, but I’m not sure which songs are going to make the list.

I’m off to work— I hostess at a local restaurant— but before you head off to other blogs, I wanna know: what are your favorite songs are right now? Maybe this will help me with my list!