Off the Floor to in a Table
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Off the Floor to in a Table

At PRC Central we have a nasty habit of letting magazines piles up everywhere. I’m pretty sure we have magazines from 1995, but we won’t get rid of them because who knows when we might need them one day for kindling. So instead of letting the unnecessary zines just stack up, I think we should hide them in our furniture.

The ‘magtable coffee table’ from seems like the perfect solution to our little mag problem. All we have to do is drop to magazines into the little slots and presto, we have stored our mags in a place that isn’t a pile on the floor (or elsewhere), and it will be easy for us to find the September 1997 issue of Teen in case we actually need it one day.

Now the only problem we’ll have is figuring out where to put 5,831,264 coffee tables!

-Chelsea Rae