Remember the Music with Old Tour Posters
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Remember the Music with Old Tour Posters

I’m always looking for things to put on my walls. I had a phase back in 97ish where my walls were covered in Hanson paraphernalia. Then it the pretty faces of the boys from NYSNC that covered my walls. After that it was art I made in school because my mom said I could only put “art” on the walls. Right now my walls are bare and it makes me sad, but I think I found the perfect posters from Urban Outfitters that will settle my desperate need to have music on my walls.

The ‘You Rock My Walls’ are quality reproductions of tour posters from different historic concerts. There are four different posters to choose from depending on what your music fancy is. You could go with the Ramones at the Civic Auditorium, or you could have the poster from Andy Warhol’s ‘Exploding Plastic Inevitable Show’ hanging over your bed. If you’re more into old school hip hop, you could snag the poster from Philly’s first ‘All-Rap Spectacular’. My favorite though is the poster from Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ tour. I definitely have a soft spot for grunge.

Each $24 poster is a comes framed and ready to hang so you only have to find the perfect spot on your wall and hammer in a nail, so what are you waiting for?

-Chelsea Rae