They Get Better with Age
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They Get Better with Age

They Get Better with Age

Remember when I said Rimistyle was one of the best all-accessory webstores on line? Well, that wasn’t a lie, and they get even better with each season because they constantly have giant blowout sales. This time they’re getting rid of all they’re super cute summer accessories to make room for equally cute fall accessories. This is your chance to get that rad necklace or bag you saw but couldn’t quite afford at more than half the price. I’m stoked!

Wanna know another great thing about sales? Most of the time there are items on sale that are supposedly last season but can be used for the current season too. I found some great items on Rimistyle that are perfect for any season. If you’re willing to spend a bit you could get this classy sequined straw clutch for under $50. I’m a giant fan of clutches even though my hands get tired sometimes. I’m also relatively careless when it comes to determining what should be worn for day and night when it comes to accessories. I tend to where whatever, whenever.

If your budget is a little tighter you can get some superb jewelry for less than 15 bucks! When buying jewelry my rule of thumb is to stay as neutral in color as possible so you can mix-and-match; if I don’t do this I tend to buy one in every color to go with every outfit. My cheapy choices:

Semi-gaudy necklace and earrings set…check!
Earrings that will match the necklace, but can go with anything else…double check!

If you buy any of the great pieces from Rimistyle, please share. We’d love to see all your amazing finds!

-Chelsea Rae