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I can’t lie, Tim Gunn is the only reason I still tune into Project Runway every week, and apparently, he can’t lie either— not that I mind.

After publicly outing everyone’s favorite Vogue-editrix-to-hate, Anna Wintour, about being carried down the stairs after a surely hellish escape from a fashion show, Gunn has decided to get gossipy about Taylor Momsen.

He calls her a diva and pathetic in an interview with E! News because she spent most of her time on her phone instead of looking at the lines she annoyingly couldn’t remember.

As refreshing as the honesty is, I’m a little surprised, not because I can’t believe Wintour would result to being carried down a flight of stairs or that Momsen could, in all her teen-angsty glory, believe her job was less important than whatever is on her phone. I’m shocked because I wasn’t aware Gunn had it in him.

It’s one thing to be brutally honest to reality show contestants about their lackluster designs, but to knowingly place yourself outside the celebrity inner sanctum because the truth is necessary and often more interesting than fiction may prove quite dangerous in the celeb-circles— however, it does make me want to read his new book, Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons for Making It Work.

Though reporting on the fashionably elite’s maddening behaviors may strike fear in celebrities whilst in his presence, Gunn is definitely winning the love and allegiance of the masses, not that parenting a catchphrase like “Make it work!” wasn’t worship-worthy to start.


  • Ivan8!3

    Oh I’m loving this….Tim Gunn is the only reason I miss the show….great job.


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