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We as people are always trying to find ways to work out without actually feeling like we’re working out. Currently the MVP of workout-less fitness is the FitFlop. The only downside to these seemingly ingenious shoes is they aren’t really fun (or cute for that matter), but if you’re looking for fun footwear, look no further than FunSlides Carpet Skates.

They’re pretty much two pieces of plastic you strap to your feet. The bottom is super-sanded as to create an almost frictionless surface and the top has spongy material glue to it creating a no-slip-grip for your feet. You also get the honor of lacing yourself in with some awesome Velcro straps, so the “skates” remain firmly on your feet after sudden stops or when accidentally crashing into your couch.

The Carpet Skate which are about half the price of FitFlops actually seems pretty amusing, but I foresee tons of bumps and bruises from people going much faster than they actually should and not being able to stop. Ouch!

I have the perfect fitness routine involving no true exercise materials. First, put on your FitFlops and go walk around the mall and shop for a good hour or so, then head home and before you start doing that pesky housework, put on the Carpet Skates. Do this especially when vacuuming carpets; the mundane task will seem so much more entertaining while you try your best not to crash into the china cabinet. Finally, repeat as often as your wallet will allow!

-Chelsea Rae